Medical business development

Medical product value assessment (analytical)
-Analyse national and international Evidence position anbd -perception
-Analyse “unmet need” status
-Analyse clinical trial strategy
-Investigate medical Key opinion leader positions
Medical product value optimization (analytical and operational)
-Identify product specific critical factors of market access
-Identify product specific opportunities
-Assess potential for patient segmentation (data mining, etc)
-Propose clinical trials to optimise market access and market penetration.
-Include feedback from clinical experts in overall market access strategy
Business team support (company process and/or projects)
-Run business team strategy projects to optimise KOL-management and "top-down sale"
-Business coaching of team-members or teamleaders to improve skils for top-down sale
-Educational programmes to support key opinion leader communication (see lectures)
Project management

Market access support

Regulatory requirements in Scanddinavia
-Assist your business team with market access challenges in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
-Provide product specific guidance regarding critical regulatory issues in Scandinavia
New reimbursement applications/Optimisations of old applications
-Prepare value dossiers or national reimbursement applications for Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Strategic advices
-Proposal concerning future clinical trials or other activities that can enhance the reimbursement applications in the future.

See separate list of lectures
Workshops and lectures
Workshops and education to facilitate finetuning of your KOL-management and market access
A comprehensive approach to KOL-management requires rethinking of the organizational structure of customer interactions and support from expert functions which have earlier not been involved in such direct customer interactions. read more

If you reconsider an organizational fine tuning of your KOL-customer interactions:
I offer a facilitating strategy-workshop with your top or medium-level managers, to inspire how organizational adaptations might benefit the turnover of your brand (please inquire).
If you wish to generate new ideas how to improve the value position of your brand:
I offer facilitating workshops with your professional team or in depth analysis with your key experts to provide alternative ideas to initiate value improving processes (please inquire).
If you consider “upgrading” the qualifications of your key sales persons responsible for KOL-interactions:
I offer both facilitating workshops to improve internal cooperation’s and workshops to improve skills and qualifications for KOL-interaction
(please inquire).